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“We Still Do” – An Anniversary Letter to My Husband

July 10, 2017

couples, personal

“I have found the one whom my soul loves…”
{Song of Solomon 3:4}

Marriage. I think it might be the greatest joy I have ever experienced. I know some people do not see it that way for various reasons, and I’m not here to discredit anyone’s ill feelings or heartaches due to marriages that have ended in pain. And I’m also not here to brag on the fact that “I’m married and you’re not”. But rather, because I feel like marriage sometimes gets a “bad rap” in today’s culture, I want to shine some positive vibes about marriage the way it’s supposed to be. The marriage that I have experienced, even though today marks only two short years.

We by no means have “figured it all out”. I really do admire all of the couples who have been married 20, 30, 40, or 50+ years. They surely have a lot of wisdom and advice to offer! But because there are two factors that have to be present in every marriage – one man and one woman, who happen to be humans that make mistakes – things can get complicated. Every day is a choice to love, when our natural tendency is selfishness. That’s why marriage is hard. Because people are selfish and it’s hard to overcome that sometimes. But marriage is also incredibly rewarding. For those who are not married but want to be someday, I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right person for the right reasons.

Almost four years ago, my then boyfriend (now husband) was moving to Arizona from Kansas City. I can easily say that was the hardest decision of my life. No, I didn’t have a “ring on it” and really had no promises of that happening soon. But I knew I had a really good one, and I couldn’t just watch him move 1,200 miles away. I had to know how the story ended. I knew I would regret it the rest of my life, torturing myself with the “what ifs”.

Well, my “what ifs” were answered two years ago when I married my best friend. Austin Blake Kirkpatrick. My Aust. He’s not perfect, even though sometimes I could be convinced that he actually is… ok joking, only Jesus is perfect. But to this day in my life, I’ve never ever met a man like my Aust. I really feel completely honored and privileged that God allowed me to be his wife.

A letter to my husband:

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{You are patient} Oh you are so patient! Especially when I’m getting ready in the morning… LOL.

{You are kind} You are so sweet to me. You give the best hugs!

{You do not envy or boast or get proud} You do not have insecurity issues, you are confident in who you are and how God made you. You are obedient to the call on your life and you are one of the most humble people I know.

{You are not rude} You actually help me not be rude.

Although you can be stubborn, {you do not demand your own way} More times than not, you let your wife have her way… 😉

{You do not dishonor others} You know the value of respect.

{You are not self-seeking} You put others above himself.

{You are not easily angered} It takes A LOT to make you mad. You are so calm and you keep me calm.

{You keep no record of wrongs} It amazes me how quickly you can get over things that would take me dayyyssssss to get over. You are in a position where honestly, it’s easy for people to say things that should offend you. But you do not keep offenses in your heart; no bitter roots!

{You do not delight in evil, rather you rejoice with the truth} You are not a fan of drama, and you shut that down real quick! You don’t over exaggerate to make a point.

{You always protect} You get up in the middle of night to make sure the doors are locked. You never puts me or yourself in a dangerous or questionable situation.

{You always trust, always hope, and always perseveres} Your faith and trust in the Lord is amazing. You inspire me every day, when you get up and read the Word before you does anything else. Your relationship with the Lord is a priority and that is why you are able to be the best husband to me.

These words are a beautiful picture the Bible creates in 1 Corinthians 13 of what love is supposed to look like. It is a high standard and something all of us as people should strive for in all of our relationships.

The reality of marriage, is that when two imperfect people are joined in an intimate bond, there will no doubt be tough days. But when two imperfect people pursue the Lord first, marriage becomes a blessing even through tough days. It’s a blessing that makes me cry writing this because my love for my husband is so overwhelming.

It seems like just yesterday we said “I do”, but also like we’ve been married forever.

I love you Aust! Happy Anniversary! I still “do”. You can come home to me now please!!!


Photos by Shealin Ashley. Edited by Aly Kirkpatrick.

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