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THREE Tips on What To Wear For Your Portrait Session

April 18, 2017

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So, you booked a portrait session. But now what do you wear?

Choosing and coordinating outfits can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to coordinate for your whole family! It also can be a daunting task to go through everyone’s closet and piece together items that look good together.

“Do we wear jeans?”
“What color should our shirts be?”
“What about our shoes?”
“Do I need to buy EVERYONE a new outfit?!”

These may some of the questions going through your head, but don’t fear! Below is a compiled list of THREE resourceful tips to help you and your family look your best on your next portrait session!

Whether your planning for a family session with your kids, an engagement session with your love, or a maternity session with you and your precious babe, I hope these tips help make the decision-making process easier!

1. Choose Your Color Palette

Harsh, bright colors can create a distracting look. Subtle and more neutral colors usually show better on camera. For example, if you love the color red, stay away from the bold and alarming reds, and maybe choose a softer color such as maroon or a pale shade of red. Navy blue and olive green are also great neutral colors that look great and are easy to pair with!

To get ideas for a color palette to incorporate on your next portrait session, visit this site here! Choose from a list of themes, or get creative and design your own! I love this site because it helps you see visually what colors look like next to each other!

Also keep in mind that clothing items with a lot of pattern can also be distracting to the most important part of the photo – you! Solids, thin stripes, and even florals are perfect for creating a clean look. Keep the main items simple, and then keep reading below for tips on accessorizing!

2. Accessorize!

Adding a statement piece or two can make a huge difference in the overall look of your photos! I love when moms wear a cute hat or scarf, or when a little boy wears a cute bowtie, or when a little girl wears a chunky necklace.

Don’t be afraid to add in small but effective statement pieces to give your photos that extra “WOW” factor! Ladies, put on a nice pair of heels and dress your man with some classy dress shoes! Suspenders or hair bows for the littles are super cute as well!

3. To Match or Not To Match

Let’s face it, I love ‘twinning’ but not for a professional portrait session. It’s important to have some sort of theme or color palette, however try breaking up your colors and even styles of clothes. For example, dad can wear blue jeans and a gray shirt and your son can wear gray denims with a different shirt color from your palette.

Mixing styles is a plus too! If you have multiple girls, one can wear a dress with booties and the other can wear a skirt with flats, etc. Adding texture, such as fringe, lace, corduroy, or suede, is a trendy way to do this also!


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