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Our Trip to Magnolia Market @ the Silos

September 10, 2017


I had been waiting for this trip for months.

When I discovered “Fixer Upper” a few years ago, I watched as the Silos became THE Silos of Waco, Texas. The Magnolia Market at the Silos immediately became an item on my bucket list.

My husband got a text from his aunt a few months ago asking us if we wanted to come visit them in Dallas, and that they would take us to Magnolia! It was the easiest “YESSSS!!!!!” of my life, maybe even more than when Austin asked me to be his wife. LOL ok I’m joking!

Anyways, we boarded our plane Wednesday night to fly to Dallas, woke up bright and early Thursday morning and started our journey to Waco! Of course being a photographer, I couldn’t resist the urge to document this experience and share it with you all! I know so many of you are avid fans as well, and if you have never been to the Silos, I 1,000% recommend it! In addition to letting you in on our “Magnolia Experience”, I’ll also be sharing other fun details so make sure you read the photo captions! Enjoy friends!

The Silos: They are old and rustic and add such charm to the property. They are actually empty inside, but an employee told us they are opening up one of the Silos in November for Jo’s Mercantile line (rugs, fabrics, etc)!

This is a photo outside of the Magnolia Store, where inside is all the beautiful home goods and decor you could need or want! Everything is styled to absolute perfection! This building actually used to be the old grain barn when the Silos were in use. It was so cool to see the 100 year-old history inside!

The outdoor area is so cool & definitely family friendly! They have outdoor games and sports you can play on their grass field!

It was clear pretty early on that there is a consistent color scheme throughout the entire property of white, black, and green. I mean, can you expect anything less?!

Unrelated from Magnolia, I did want to share some outfit details from this day! My top is from Cinder Cloth Co, and I also just got two small diamond bands, one rose gold from Rose & Choc and one silver from TFH Jewelry to add to my wedding ring. I am totally loving the mixed-metals look right now!

I also bought the cutest notebook from the store! I can’t wait to start using it! I totally wish I could have bought many more things, however theres only so much you can fit in a suitcase, and there’s only so far your husband is willing to let you go 😉

The Seed + Supply store is a small little shed-type building with gardening supplies! They had a whole bunch of succulents that were just adorable. Anyone know how to transport a cactus on an airplane? Yeah me neither!!! 😉

I will rave about my shoes from Shop Stevie ALL. DAY. LONG! These are the Gigi cutout ankle booties, and they are a perfect blend of fashion & comfort!

Outside the Seed & Supply Store, there is a cute little garden courtyard area with flowers, plants, and herbs! Also, shout out to my #instagramhusband for taking all the photos of me!

Next stop – LUNCH! The Silos have their own food trucks lined on the outside edges with different types of food to choose from! Austin and I chose to eat at Milo’s (southern style food – DUH!) and it was out of this world! Keep scrolling to see what I ordered!:)

If you know me, you know I love sweet tea! The name of this meal was called “Sweet Tea Fried Chicken Biscuit”. OMG! Of course I had to order this one! Homemade biscuits + sweet tea + fried chicken = oh yeah!

Alongside my love for sweet tea, you’ll also find my love for Dr. Pepper! I didn’t know this until yesterday, but the Dr. Pepper headquarters is in Dallas, and there is actually a Dr. Pepper museum in Waco! The drink stand at the Silos were selling this favorite savory drink in vintage glass bottles that had the original logo, so naturally I couldn’t resist!

And yes, I kept the bottle as a keepsake!

Ok, now let’s talk about the dainty little bakery at the Silos – The Silos Baking Co. I’m a lover of all things sweet, and pre-determined before we arrived that even if there was a long line, I would be standing in it to wait! I remember watching the episode where Chip & Jo bought & renovated the bakery and it was super neat to see it in person!

Details. Details. Details. E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!

Such a great quote for the bakery + this amazing letterboard!

Fun fact: While we were at the registers ordering, a lady came out of the kitchen and told us all we had to evacuate the building immediately (there was a fire in the kitchen area). We left with the employees, and went across the street while we waited for the “OK” to go back inside. It was definitely an interesting experience, but we did get to chat with the bakery employees for a while which was cool! I was worried I wouldn’t get my cupcake (LOL), but it wasn’t too long before they let us back inside & we continued with our order! Ha!

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing are my absolute fav!

This trip to Waco was short but oh so sweet. The atmosphere, experience, and environment is so welcoming and fun! To answer everyone’s dying question- No, I did not see Chip, Jo, or anyone famous. However, so much of their heart and life is evident throughout; it makes you feel like they’ve invited you into their home! If you’re ever in Texas, work it in your plans to stop by Waco!

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